Good Fur Day – Affordable Dog Grooming – Campbell River, BC

Good Fur Day Dog Grooming is located at the south end of Campbell River, British Columbia and is a home based dog grooming salon. I service any breed of dog under 40lbs and strive to provide a stress free environment for your beloved pet. I only use high quality, natural ingredient shampoos and conditioners. Your dog will go home smelling, feeling and looking great!

About Me

My name is Rachel Stocker and I am a professional dog groomer. I have been grooming for 7 years and have owned my own dog grooming business for over 5 years. My husband and I decided to move to Campbell River with our two dobermans to explore the beautiful island and province.

My dog grooming business is built on client trust, my desire to satisfy my clients and my ability to listen and understand what you are looking for in a groomer and stylist. It was incredibly hard to leave behind my home town clients knowing I would have to start all over again. I think some of my clients took it harder than I did because they had come to know me and trusted me with their pets. I knew I was appreciated and their words and well wishes will be something I will never forget.

I have decided to focus my grooming skills on dogs under 50lbs. I hold a Certificate in Animal Care from Sheridan College where I learned how to groom professionally. We also studied animal anatomy, nutrition, domestic animal science, exotic animal science, animal nursing procedures and animal handling.

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